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Become an Adidas Product Tester

Did you know that you can sign up to be an Adidas product tester and be one of the first people to try their new merchandise?

It’s safe to say that Adidas is one of the most well known sports brands worldwide. The Adidas logo is synonymous with athletic excellence to they are known for their partnerships with professional athletes, Adidas is a well respected sports shoe brand. From day to day wear to major endorsements by athletes, it seems like Adidas are constantly in the spotlight. And because of this exposure, they experiment with new products and designs to keep their shoe and image fresh.

If you enjoy their merchandise and want to be apart of this experimentation, becoming an Adidas product tester might just be for you!

Check out the Adidas program here.

How does Adidas production work?

Adidas shoes are made through the manufacturing process from raw materials into finished products. Adidas shoes are predominantly made of sustainable cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled polystrene, rubber, and leather.

Designers develop new shoe designs and once agreed upon the shoes are put into production. The shoes are then assembled and packaged into individual boxes for distribution and sales.

How do Adidas test their products?

Adidas creates many different types of footwear ranging from casual sneakers to professional level soccer cleats. For every new shoe that is produced, Adidas has a team of testers who work together in order to find ways of improving their footwear, from the cleaning process to the fitting and feel of the shoe.

Adidas has a variety of in house testers, from employees that have worked with Adidas for long periods of time to people who work in retail stores. Their goal is to get honest feedback on the look, feel, and performance of new shoes.

After they have tested the shoes in house, that’s when they need YOU. They need real world people to test their shoes to see what the general population thinks of a new product. If you are chosen, Adidas will send you a pair of new shoes and you get to wear them and give feedback on how they felt while wearing them throughout your activities.

Adidas Product Testing Program

adidas product tester program

The Adidas testing program is designed to get feedback from everyday people like you. They want to make sure that the shoes provide a high level of performance and durability. Adidas relies on feedback to help them design better products for the future.

Let’s dig in on how to actually become a tester.

How to apply to be an Adidas product tester

In order to become a product tester, you must meet the below requirements and take a survey for the company. The survey will gather information such as your shoe/apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, sport, and athletic profile.

Because Adidas offers many different types of shoes, they want to make sure they are pairing the right shoe with the right tester. It’s important that you are active enough in the trial period for the shoe to be well used and tested at its limits.

Be ready to provide thorough and honest feedback if you get selected as a product tester. The company has a testing program in order to improve their shoe, so quality responses are key.

Apply to be an Adidas product tester here!

Requirements for being an Adidas product tester

If you want to be an Adidas product tester, there are a few requirements you must meet.


Living in the United States

Internet access and a valid e-mail address

Read and write in the English language

Be at least 18 years old

Provide body measurements

Not test any competitor products

Not share information related to the product you are testing (includes social media, personal messaging, or any other form of communication)

If you meet all of the requirements listed above, then all you have to do is visit the Adidas Product Testing website and register. You will be required to take a short survey that will determine if your demographic fits with Adidas target market for this product trial.

Why you should apply to be an Adidas product tester

First and foremost, you’ll get a free pair of brand new Adidas to try out! Typically, they’ll have you keep the shoes for a few months. You’ll wear them and test out their performance in whatever sport you signed up with. They’ll expect you to keep up with the product throughout that time, be involved with your community of fellow testers, and give feedback on how it’s performing.

You’ll get to provide valuable feedback to Adidas on what people think about their products. They want to know if they’re up-to-date on current trends or need some new ideas.

Becoming an Adidas product tester can also be an interesting way to learn about product development as you’ll actually be apart of it.

Do you get paid to test Adidas products?

Unfortunately, you won’t get paid to be an Adidas product tester, but you will get to wear and try out the latest Adidas shoes for a few months.

They typically want you to return the shoes after the testing period is over so that they can check how well the shoes held up.

Is it worth it be an Adidas product tester?

If getting to be one of the first to try out new Adidas products sounds like an appealing job, then yes, it is definitely worth applying to be an Adidas product tester.

If you love talking about shoes and would love to provide feedback on the latest styles and trends, this opportunity could be perfect for you!

Other Product Testing Programs

If you’re looking for other testing programs to join, there are plenty of them out there!

In fact, most big name brands have a program that lets you test their products for free in exchange for feedback. Check your favorite brands here to see what they offer.

Here are just a few programs:

Nike provides a similar testing program that allows people to test out their latest shoes and apparel for free. Like the Adidas program, you’ll have to apply and if chosen provide detailed and honest feedback.

Check out the Nike product testing program here.

If testing out shoes is your thing, New Balance also recruits people to test out their shoes and apparel through their testing program.

Check out the New Balance testing program here.

If you love running in Brooks Running Shoes, then check out their product testing program. You’ll get to test out their latest footwear on your runs and provide feedback to the company.

Check out the Brooks testing program here.

If footwear isn’t your thing, then check out Product Testing USA. They are a platform that lets you try out and leave reviews for various products. Their categories include beauty, fashion, home and garden, baby stuff, and much more. The best part is you get to keep the products you test out.

Check out the Product Testing USA program here.

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