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cash flow assets

12 Cash Flow Assets to Grow Your Wealth

Table of Contents What is Cash Flow?Money Making Money1. Dividend Paying Stocks2. Peer-to-Peer Lending3. High Yield Savings AccountsReal Estate Investing4. Single Family Rentals5. Multi-Family Rentals6. REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust)7. Real Estate Crowdfunding8. Vacation Rentals9. Land10. Trailer Park RentalsBuild Your Own Business11. Build a blog or buy a website12. Own a traditional businessWhat is the …

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investing basics

The Power of Compound Interest

A common goal for many people seeking financial independence is to create passive income, income that grows with minimal work involved.  Compound interest is an essential factor in passively growing your money and can be a powerful tool for creating wealth. What is compound interest? Let’s start with simple interest first.  Simple interest occurs when …

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