Clever Fox Budget Planner and Expense Tracker

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Budgeting can be a key aspect in your money management journey.  Budgeting promotes conscious spending as you work towards monthly savings goals.  However, it can be difficult to track your progress every month and sticking to your spending limits can be difficult if you aren’t actively tracking your spend.  The Clever Fox Budget Planner is one tool that can help you track your daily spend as you work towards monthly and yearly goals.  Read below to learn more about how the Clever Fox Budget Planner can transform your budgeting life.

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How to use the Clever Fox Budget Planner

The Clever Fox Budget Planner is broken down into monthly sections.  Each month starts with a monthly plan where you can list your specific financial goals for the month.  There are also places for tracking upcoming expenses in bills so you can factor that in to your goals for the month.  Each month also has a budget section for you to write out what your goals are.  This feature is nice as there are certain months that your budget may need to change, or you may want to adjust your budget based on how your spending is changing.

For every month, you will also have a place to write down all of your expenses.  That means writing down EVERY purchase you make.  This practice will not only help you figure out where your money goes on a monthly basis, but it will also force you to make conscious purchases since you will have to write them down each and every time.

There are also sections in the back of the planner where you can track savings and debt pay off goals! 

Planner Details

  • Size: 5.3” x 7.7” – This planner is the perfect size to throw in your purse or carry in your car console.  It is large enough to include all of the budgeting information you will need but small enough to be portable.
  • Appearance: This planner comes in plenty of color options including Purple, Black, Pink, Rose Gold, Turquoise, Dark Blue, and Lavender.
  • Included: This planner also includes budgeting stickers to help motivate you.

How will the Clever Fox Budget Planner help you meet your money goals?

The planner starts by having you set your financial goals

You are more likely to achieve success in saving if you set goals.  When you set financial goals, you are able to materialize what your saving is going towards.  Setting goals also allows you to break up the large goal into smaller, more achievable pieces.  The very first section of the Clever Fox Budget Planner is dedicated to setting your financial goals.  Every month’s section also has a place to set goals specific to that month.  Where do you want to be financially at the end of one year?  Use goal setting to help make that a reality.

Each month begins with a monthly plan and budget

Clever Fox Budget Planner Monthly Plan

As mentioned, it is good to have big financial goals; however, it is important to break those goals down into manageable pieces so that you can monitor your progress along the way.  The Clever Fox Budget planner helps achieve this by allowing you to set smaller, more specific savings goals at the beginning of each month.  Perhaps you are saving towards a specific item that month, or you know that to meet your specific year end goal you must be a smaller monthly goal.

At the beginning of each month, you will set your budget for that specific month.  You may have the same budget every month throughout the year, or you may need to adjust certain month’s based on events you have planned.  Perhaps when you start budgeting your first month, you realize that you have set your limits too loose or too tight- you can use the monthly budget feature to adjust along the way.

Tracking your expenses individually will make you a more conscious spender

Each month has a section where you can record all of your expenses for that month.  This practice is important because it forces us to acknowledge each and every purchase.  Not only does this help us better understand just how many purchases we are making in a day, it also gives us real time data of where exactly our money is going every month.  Writing down every purchase also has the benefit of making you a more conscious spender.  It is easy to ignore extra spending when you are charging a credit card and not thinking twice.  However, when you know you will have to acknowledge those purchases that are putting you over your budget it can make you think twice.

Multiple savings trackers included so you can break up your saving goals towards specific

The planner also includes a section at the back for you to track your saving progress towards various saving goals.  This is a nice feature as it can allow you to break up your goals into manageable pieces as well as allow to you to see your progress on a monthly basis. 

Clever Fox Budget Planner Savings Tracker

Debt tracking allows you to see your progress step by step

Similar to the savings trackers, there are also sections dedicated to tracking various debts.  Seeing progress, even if it is small, is extremely motivating.  If you know that you have $20,000 in debt total- thinking of paying off such a large sum can seem daunting.  If you break each piece of debt down into car debt, credit card debt, school debt, etc., your monthly progress will feel more significant and serve as motivation to continue chipping away.

Bonus holiday section included!

Budgeting during the holidays can feel like an impossible task.  The Clever Fox Budget Planner includes a section for budgeting during the holidays.  It includes budgeting for gifts, wrapping paper, cards, groceries, and decorations.  The nice part about this is if you set yourself a budget early on what you think you will spend; you can set a savings goal at the beginning of the year to save enough to cover your holiday expenses.

Clever Fox Budget Planner Holiday Section


The Clever Fox Budget Planner can be a very useful tool towards saving, paying off debt, and achieving financial independence.  Because it is very customizable, you can use it on any step of your journey and alter it to meet your specific saving needs.  Because of its size, it can travel with you, making tracking your spending very easy.

You can buy a copy here.

Clever Fox also has many other planners such as productivity and gratitude planners.

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