how to make 300 dollars fast

How to Make 300 Dollars FAST!

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Need to make 300 dollars fast? Everyone gets in a bind for money at some point in their lives.  There are plenty of ways to start generating cash quickly including selling your old stuff, taking on side gigs, or signing up with a service company. Read through the list below of 12 ways to make money fast to find which method (or more!) is right for you.

1. Sign up for a program like Uber Eats or DoorDash

Depending on how much time you have, you can make 300 dollars fast by driving for a food delivery service like Uber Eats or DoorDash. Sign up and get paid to pick up and deliver food to people. The great thing about these programs is the flexibility of being able to drive when you are free which works great for people who already have full- or part-time jobs.

2. Sell stuff you don’t need any more online

Selling your old stuff can be a great way to make extra money fast.  You can sell clothing on sites like Poshmark and ThredUp which are all done online so it requires little work by you. Consider selling your old technology on sites like DeCluttr.  Check out online marketplaces like Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to see what your old stuff is worth.

3. Rent out an extra room

Renting out an extra room in your home or apartment can be a quick way to make quick money.  Obviously, this is more of a long-term option so you will want to make sure it is the right move for you. However, generating additional income off of a tenant is a great way to start bringing in extra income to save or pay off debt.

4. Mow lawns for cash

Mowing lawns can be a quick way to generate some extra cash. Of course, this will require access to lawn mowing equipment if you aren’t looking to spend money up front.  If you don’t have a lawn mower, reach out to friends or parents to borrow theirs. Mowing lawns typically yield $20-50/lawn so it would not take many lawns to make 300 dollars fast.

5. Donate plasma for money

Did you know you can get paid for donating plasma? Donating plasma is a great way to bring in some extra cash as you will usually bring in around $20-$50 per donation. You cannot donate plasma every day so it may take a few weeks to accumulate $300, but it can be a great way to make money with little effort.

6. Earn money through online surveys

You can make money just by giving your opinion! Taking surveys online can be a great way to make extra money and it requires little skill. There are tons of sites and apps out there you can use.  Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are two popular options. You can choose to cash out through traditional payment methods or receive gift cards to your favorite stores.  Payout for surveys are relatively low typically ranging from a few cents to $1 per survey, so this option may take time to accumulate 300 dollars.

7. Make money through Swagbucks

You can make money for more than just surveys through Swagbucks.  You can earn money for things you do every day such as earning money for browsing the web, watching videos online, and shopping online. Similar to taking surveys online, this method may take some time but should not require much effort up front.

8. Get cashback for purchases you’ve already made

Sign up for a program like Ibotta to start earning cash back on items you’ve already purchased.  Ibotta has a variety of ways to earn cash back on items like clothing, groceries, pet supplies and more!

9. Sell your photos

Are you good at taking photos? Even if you’re not you can watch free YouTube videos online to learn how to take interesting photographs.  You can then sell those photos as stock photos to online retailers such as Shutterstock, iStock, and 500px Prime.  While the payouts are relatively low, you have the ability to take hundreds of pictures and start turning a profit.

10. Watch people’s pets for them

If you love animals, you may love making a little extra cash through dog walking or pet sitting.  Sites like Rover will connect you with people who need someone to check in on their pets, walk them during the day, and pet sit. This is a great set up for people who need flexibility as you can set your own schedule.

11. Get a side gig

Use online platforms such as UpWork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to get paid for performing tasks in your spare time. These sites have a variety of tasks available, so you will have to check to make sure you have the appropriate skillsets. Depending on the work you find, you can start racking up the cash pretty quickly.

12. Refinance your debt or mortgage

Got a huge monthly debt or mortgage payment?  Take a look at refinancing your loan. Interest rates can affect the amount of interest that is added on to your loan repayments and there is a potential to save hundreds of dollars over a short period of time depending on your current situation. Start reaching out to lenders to check interest rates to learn how much you could be saving.


There are many ways you can start making money fast. When all else fails, take a look at your spending.  Can you cut back to save 300 dollars instead of make it? Choose what makes the most sense for you and start generating cash today.

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