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How to Make Money ($200+ per day) By Posting Ads

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Did you know you can make money by posting ads both online and in your day to day life? Did you know you can bring in money while you’re working your primary job or even while you’re sleeping? There are lots of ways to make $200 a day by posting ads online. Read through the below tips and tricks to start bringing in money today.

1. Making money posting ads on social media

Social media can be a great place to make $200 a day by posting ads. If you already have a social media following, you can start converting those followers into money through paid advertisements and content promotion. Don’t have followers yet? Read through this post on how to start.

There are tons of social media influencers that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just by posting ads on their social media; however, they already have hundreds of thousands of followers. So, what about you? You can start making money with significantly less followers (think less than 10,000)- as some companies shift away from quantity of followers to quality of relationships. If you have a small following, but they are active in engaging with your social media platform, then you may be a good candidate for partnering with smaller companies. Which platforms should you consider?

Make money posting ads on Instagram

Instagram has quickly become a marketplace for social media influencers and small or large companies looking to reach millions of followers. You can make money on Instagram by working to build your following (targeting 5,000+ followers) and working with smaller companies at first to advertise their products.

It’s important to remember that on social media you are building a brand, so only pick products with good reputations and that fit your aesthetic. Most companies provide you with a discount code that your followers use when they make purchases- this allows the company to track how many sales you’re bringing in.

Once you start building a following, companies will start reaching out to you, but you can also find companies that sponsor smaller influencers by engaging with influencers in your group size and seeing which companies they advertise on their own platforms.

Make money posting ads on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to start when you’re looking to monetize your social media platform as billions of people use it. Facebook is less known for advertising on your personal page, but if you have a high number of followers this is an option. If you have a product of your own you want to sell, then creating your own Facebook business page may be the next move. You can then advertise all over Facebook and sell your own products. Check out the Facebook Business Ads page here.

Make money posting ads on Snapchat

Snapchat is a massively popular social media platform that boasts over 200 million users every day. But did you know you can make money posting ads on Snapchat? There are tons of ways to advertise on Snapchat including using SnapAds which comes in many forms including small videos that play in between snaps to shoppable ads that allow users to click on and purchase products. You can also advertise on Snapchat by creating filters that advertise a brand or product.

Learn all about how to make money on Snapchat here.

Tips for building a social media following:

  • Post consistently – consistency is key in pretty much any field you go into hoping to make money. It will take work, but if it didn’t then everyone would do it.
  • Have a consistent brand image– If you are targeting a specific niche like fitness or beauty, then be consistent in your messages and look on social media. If you promote products that are scattered across the spectrum, your following may become uninterested if they followed you for a specific reason.
  • Engage authentically with other influencers in your field– don’t spam people trying to gain followers. Engage with others on their platforms in a meaningful way and build relationships. This can lead to cross promotions and partnerships which help bring in followers and money.
  • Use multiple social media platforms to grow your following– promote your social media on many different platforms. You will gain different followers on different platforms- if you can advertise your Instagram on Facebook for example, you may be able to convert some of your Facebook followers to Instagram which will grow your presence on each platform.

Make money posting ads on YouTube

YouTube has turned into a great place to market your personal brand, grow your following, and make money through posting ads in between videos. Similar to other social media platforms, as your followers and views grow, so does your ability to monetize off of those metrics. You can use platforms like Google AdSense (after you have 1,000 followers) to post ads straight to your YouTube channel.

You can also make videos through their paid service called YouTube Premium, where followers can play a membership fee to have access to premium videos.

2. Make money posting ads on your blog

Creating and monetizing a blog is an increasingly popular way to bring in extra money and can be a great way to make $200 a day by posting ads online. Why do some people prefer blogs over advertising through social media platforms? Because they own their own blog, and they have more control over what is posted on it. While building up a blog following through useful content and good SEO (search engine optimization) techniques can take time, a blog can be a great source of passive income that brings in well over $200 a day. So, how can you make money with a blog?

Post ads to your blog

Similar to social media platforms, you can make money by posting ads on your blog. The more traffic your blog has, the more money you will bring in from the ad views. There are many different ad companies out there including Google AdSense, Mediavine, and AdThrive and you can typically earn anywhere from $0.01-$0.1/page views. What does that equate to in money? If you pull in 10,000 page views every month you could make up to $1,000 per month. Many bloggers bring in many more page views than that.

Create sponsored content

Many bloggers create relationships with brands and companies which can lead to sponsored posts, in which a company pays you to create and promote content around that company’s product and service. This could include creating an ad on your blog or writing a whole post around a product review.  These types of relationships can lead to bloggers becoming brand ambassadors for certain companies in which they regularly are paid to promote the company.

Bring in money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way that bloggers make money off of their site. Affiliate marketing can entail advertising products in your posts from specific companies and receiving a commission off of the sales. You can also join large websites that sell many products, like becoming an Amazon Associates member, in which you would link Amazon products to your website and receive a commission off of the sales. There are tons of affiliate programs out there including FlexOffers, ShareASale, and Rakuten Marketing. Be sure to check the terms of each company as well as their percentage payouts.

Tips for creating a successful blog

  • Choose a niche that has a large audience– when choosing a field to begin blogging in, make sure there is already a large audience for it online. Large audience = more traffic = more ad revenue. For example, a niche like budgeting may be more profitable then a niche like historical world war 1 battleground sites.
  • Choose a niche that you can make money off of– when choosing a blog niche, make sure there are products that you can promote to bring in affiliate income. A good place to start is through Amazon. Do products for this niche exist on Amazon? Then you’re probably headed in the right direction.
  • Choose a niche that you can speak knowledgeably on– When gaining traffic through blogging, it’s important to create quality and useful content for readers. This means you either need to be able to thoroughly research your topic or hire a freelance writer who can speak knowledgeably on the subject.

For more info: 6 Types of Blogs That Make Money

3. Make money posting ads on your car

Posting ads on your car can be a great way to make money while you’re driving. The only real catch is that you have to drive your car, as most companies will require you to download an app that logs how much you are driving, so they can make sure their ad is being seen. Check out companies like Carvertise, which will pay you to put ad stickers on your car.

4. Start your own online ad company

Are you good at creating digital content and have a passion for marketing? Take a look at starting your own online ad company. This can include general ads posted on blogs or websites and shift into more focused niches like mastering Facebook ads.  

Identify target companies that could use advertisements

Pretty much every company needs ads, but is there a niche you’re more interested in like health and fitness, beauty products, or tech? Study successful ads within those niches to understand what works. Reach out to smaller companies within that niche to offer your services.

Use graphic design sites to create interesting and attention grabbing ads

There are tons of graphic design applications out there like Procreate or Canva, where you can make custom images and graphics. Always make sure you follow copyright rules when using images.

Set up a website or Facebook business page to begin advertising your services

Set up a platform to advertise your own services. You can make a free Facebook business page or even start your own blog by hosting through a site like SiteGround.

Create samples to show off

Create ads to show off on your site. You can also look at working at low prices for the first few clients to get some traction.

Also try…

If you aren’t interested in starting your own ad company, but are interested in making ads then you can sign up to be a freelance on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer. You can post your services and price, and companies or individuals will reach out to you to contract your services. This can be a good way to get practice in without committing to building your own company.


As you can see, there are tons of way to start your journey towards making $200 (and beyond!) a day by posting ads online. Are you interested in building a brand? Then social media advertising may be more for you. If you’re interested in providing specialized content and making money passively through ads, then a blog may be more up your alley. Whatever you choose, stay consistent in your approach of posting or writing blog posts

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